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Ongoing Support

In this new project, the word implement , as it applies to cyberinfrastructure, can be both a noun and a verb . As a noun, cyberinfrastructure is an implement because it is a tool whose mastery will build community and the job skills to work in that community. As a verb, Shodor will implement workforce development efforts by leveraging that tool to move electrons, not people, wherever possible, to be more connected and more accessible to each other along the learner-to-mentor continuum.

Shodor is committed to providing workshop participants, whether students or teachers, ongoing support throughout the implementation process. Shodor offers distance support and encourages participants to continue in lasting dialogue among colleagues. When possible, a sequence of sessions over time will allow for further adaptation and implementation of skills learned.

Shodor provides online resources that can be accessed anywhere with nothing more than internet access, a computer, and a java-enabled browser. These resources are available for free even after a workshop is over. Moreover, the Computing MATTERS staff is readily available to mentor participants as necessary. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.